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Why Assisted Living?

January 13, 2021

Why Assisted Living?


Assisted living communities are specially designed for older adults who want to remain active and independent but need a helping hand to lead a happy life. Assisted living communities provide advantages that may not be available to seniors living in their homes. The level of care associated with assisted living provides support so that an aging person can enjoy optimal independence. Are you wondering if assisted living is the right option for you or your loved one? If yes, then this article will offer you some helpful information.

Importance of Assisted Living 

Assisted Living Communities are ideal for the elderly who need more support and services than those living at home. The members of our communities have access to the same features and amenities as independent living members. However, they also have the added support of help with their daily living activities provided by our compassionate and professional team members.

Besides support with daily living activities, the community also ensures that an individual’s mind, body, and spirit are lifted through socialization and daily engagement with others. It also focuses on physical, medical, and nutritional needs. With 24 hours of caregiving support, security, and personal emergency response, assisted living is the best option for older adults.


Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

There are lots of reasons to consider assisted living communities. As a social residential setting, assisted living offers amazing services that fulfill both present and future needs. Five reasons why assisted living is the best option for you or your loved one:

1) Meal preparation 

Meal preparation becomes more difficult as we age, putting seniors at higher risk for poor nutrition. Grocery shopping and going to the stores is often a burden for the elderly. The help of a caregiver at home on a daily basis is not feasible for everyone. So, for that reason, the best option is to have a community like ours, where your meals are prepared based on a nutritionally balanced diet developed by a registered dietician.

2) Mismanagement of medication

As people age, managing medication can be very overwhelming. Identifying medications becomes difficult with diminished vision. Remembering to take medication becomes difficult with impaired cognition, and getting refills becomes difficult as more frequent doctors’ visits are necessary, as are trips to the pharmacy. If daily monitoring of care is not possible at home, then considering assisted living service as medication management is a part of our everyday routine. Not only do we assist in the administration of medication, but we also work with your physician to manage refills and monitor any medication changes.

3) Socialization 

Without someone to share your everyday joy with, you start to feel lonely. Living alone can cause isolation and depression. With assisted living communities, you have an opportunity to socialize with others and participate in various activities. Assisted living communities are the best way to prevent any unexpected decrease in socialization at home. Group activities, like cooking courses, painting, book clubs, and exercise classes, offer a great way to stay healthy. It is the best way to engage the spirit, body, and mind.

4) Safety risks

Assisted living is the best option when the safety and wellbeing of an individual are at risk. If you or your loved one is prone to falls, leaving on hazardous appliances, and/or unable to climb stairs unassisted, there is a need for formal intervention. Assisted living communities are designed to offer a comfortable and secure environment for the elderly. We offer an emergency response system so that individuals can call for help in case of an emergency. With housekeeping and laundry services available, along with meal preparation, medication management, therapy, and on-site physician’s offices, there is peace of mind in knowing that most needs can be met under one roof.

5) Dining with others

Communal dining provides the best environment for starving off the feeling of loneliness. Assisted living is designed to offer balanced nutrition and nourishment. As people age, their appetite often decreases. As a result, older adults tend to eat less and select unhealthy food instead of preparing a healthy meal. With restaurant-style meals being served three times a day, you can rest assured that all of your nutritional needs will be met in the assisted living setting.


Medicaid programs and Assisted Living

Medicaid is a federal and state health insurance program for people with limited income and resources. For the elderly, the program offers lots of benefits, such as personal care and home care services. However, Medicaid benefits can vary from state to state.

  • To learn more about Medicaid in your area, you should visit your state website or visit the Social Security website at https://www.ssa.gov/disabilityresearch/wi/medicaid.htm.
  • Qualification information can be found at these sites as well.

In NY, Medicaid has an  Assisted Living Program (ALP) that offers amazing Medicaid services for assisted living. In NJ, the program is similar but referred to as the   Medicaid-Waiver Program. Most assisted living services only accept long-term care insurance and private pay. This cost may rise to $10,000/month or more. For people who cannot pay privately, they can utilize Medicaid to make Assisted Living more affordable. For a full list of communities that accept Medicaid, please visit your local state department of health Website. These programs are generally best suited for those who have limited income and resources and may thrive in a less restrictive environment rather than being in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home.