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When Is It Time For Assisted Senior Living?

January 1, 2021

When Is It Time For Assisted Senior Living?

Everyone would love to live in their personal homes, take care of themselves and retain their independence right up until the end. The sad truth however is that most people will not get to do that. Over the years, facts and statistics have shown about  70%  of seniors above the age of 65 should expect to need long-term care for at least a couple of years, probably in an assisted senior living.

How do you know when it’s time for assisted senior living?

Choosing Assisted Senior Living

When the time comes for a senior to make that move, it is never an easy pill to swallow. Nonetheless, for many seniors, there comes a point where living independently simply is not safe anymore.

If your loved ones cannot adequately take care of themselves anymore or perform basic daily household activities,  they should consider the safest alternative which is an assisted living or senior home.


The Signs That Reveal It’s Time For Assisted Living

Knowledge about the importance and benefits of assisted senior living is one thing. Realizing when it’s actually time to decide on availing yourself to such thoughtful and healthy initiative is another. Thus, the big question is raised – “How Do I Know It’s Time For Assisted Living?”

There is a simple phrase that goes this way – “family comes first”. One that most of us have heard over and over again and grown up with! Life has it that caring for our siblings, children, and finally, parents is just not avoidable. The dedication to caring especially for family often makes options such as assisted living seem to be out of the picture or an outrageous idea.

That is quite understandable, but the truth remains that the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of our senior relatives far outweighs our dedication to caring for them. Hence, assisted living may not just be necessary, but the best possible option for our parents and family members.

Here are telltale signs to know when it’s time for assisted senior living:

Life Events Gradually Makes Caring For Them Burdensome

One of the best ways to discern when it’s time for assisted living is the pace of life. As life progresses day to day, changes occur. We work long hours, relocate, build and raise families, and so much more. Life can be a constant whirlwind of change. The ever-changing circumstances of life can make rendering elderly care a herculean task. If you often find yourself in this situation, then it’s pretty obvious that the elderly members of the family will receive better care in assisted living.

Difficulty Performing Basic Tasks

We all do dozens of little tasks daily that we might take for granted – cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, paying bills, and so on. However, as time goes on, the effects of aging can get to a point where they are much harder to do. Carrying things or moving from room to room can get more painful, challenging, and exhausting. Suddenly the simple chore of laundry becomes much more difficult.

Does your loved one have a harder time accomplishing daily tasks? If yes is the answer, then it is a big sign that it is time for them to opt for an Assisted Living like Amber Court.

The Required Care Outweighs Our Capabilities

Another sign that it may be time to consider assisted living is when the care that our senior relatives need now exceeds what we can provide. In as much as we combat the thought of making them available for assisted senior living, we are not always the most qualified person to provide care to them at that later stage of their lives.

As their health deteriorates, the level of intensive care they require will only increase. This care is exactly what communities like Amber Court receive special training to provide. All residents receive 24-hour support with any form of assistance that they may need.

 Isolation Tendencies

Loneliness can be very detrimental to the health of a senior. It can be a severe illness that needs to be cured to avoid very fatal consequences. If they are inactive and not outgoing, then living somewhere they can easily and frequently tap into a community without leaving could do the trick.

An assisted living does not necessarily suggest less independence, rather it gives seniors wonderful access to a whole new social community. Relocating to an assisted living community is indeed a massive transition for sure, but the experience can be a positive one. Take time to find the community that best suits your loved one’s needs. At the end of the day, the concern is about their safety and your peace of mind.

Fight For Independence

The strong desire for independence is something we all hold very dear. Therefore, it is only natural for those we care about to resist our assistance. The gradual loss of our independence that comes with aging can be a very difficult and unpleasant experience, especially when you can distinctly remember being completely capable of performing those tasks in the past. It can also be quite embarrassing sometimes to ask for help with certain daily activities.

Think about it. The seniors you are trying to provide and care for right now are the same ones who used to provide for you. That enormous change in tide can be very depressing and saddening. No one likes to feel like a liability or that they are incapable.

This complex range of emotions can cause many older people to resist care provided by family members at every turn, leaving all parties frustrated. If this is a regular occurrence in your home, it may be in their best interest to move them into an assisted senior living. It can be easier for the caregivers to assist them because having never been a dependent in the senior’s life, there is less drive to prove their independence.

Other Signs That Suggest Assisted Senior Living:

  • Chores being neglected
  • Frequent injuries (even if minor)
  • Significant weight loss


When Its Time

If you or a loved one experiences any of the above situations, moving to an Amber Court Assisted Living may be the best option for you.

The Amber Court Family provides very efficient and reliable healthcare in the form of assisted living for the elderly. This family diligently sees to the needs of aging seniors who require care and attention physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

Contact us today and see how we can help with your assisted senior living needs.