Having fun within the community

Having fun within the community

To Our Amber Court Family and Friends,

Your continued cooperation and support during these challenging times is greatly appreciated. Rest assure, here within the community we are all happy, healthy, and safe, and hope you are too.

As we continue to provide quality care, we are practicing all the Department of Health and The Centers for Disease Control recommended protocols.  We are implementing quarantines when necessary, in-room dining, and social distancing.

To help maintain the most sanitary environment, we would like to remind you that anything you drop off to the community to be given to your loved one should be left at the front desk. Our staff will deliver these items as quickly as possible. However, due to the high volume of these requests there will be some delays. With this in mind, please do not drop off items that require immediate delivery.

We may be staying within the community, but we are still enjoying every day!