Smithtown - Amber Courtal - Page 3

Laura LaFauci

My passion is providing education, communication techniques, and resources to families and professionals. I love having the ability to offer a better quality of life.

Stacyann Cain

Keep your face to the Sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

Emily Pentz

I love working at Amber Court because of the values they stand by, the people I work with, and the residents we support. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

AnnMarie Garcia

I love being apart of a care team that makes a difference

Yves St. Laurant Nday

Every day I do something I love and make an impact on people’s lives

Maife Santillan

I’m inspired by what I do because I consider it a true honor and privilege to care for our elderly residents. I love being part of their day to day and to play a role in bringing joy, care and comfort in their lives.

Rosalba Villalba

I love working for Amber Court because I can use my talent in every part of the community.

Dorothy Pipes

Find the good in everyone and keep peace in your heart.

Luis Rivera

I put my heart and soul into every meal to make everyone happy.

Sarika Desai

The best part of what I do is interacting with the people that I love on a daily basis such as our residents and our wonderful staff.