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Rosalba Villalba

I love working for Amber Court because I can use my talent in every part of the community.

Dorothy Pipes

Find the good in everyone and keep peace in your heart.

Luis Rivera

I put my heart and soul into every meal to make everyone happy.

Sarika Desai

The best part of what I do is interacting with the people that I love on a daily basis such as our residents and our wonderful staff.

Teresa Lewandowski

I love what I do because everyone shares the same vision and dedication to the work we do at Amber Court.

Tina Cullen

The best part about what I do is knowing that our residents are enjoying their golden years with dignity, security and surrounded by caring people.

Samantha Cicciaro

I’m inspired by what I do because of the feeling of hope families have when they realize there is the opportunity for their loved to live in an Amber Court Community.

Metzline “Mezzy” Desravines

I love what I do because I can see the difference I make in the world through the eyes of the residents.