Pelham Gardens - Amber Courtal - Page 3

Diane Arroya

The three things we desire most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are only achieved by giving them to someone else, and that is why I love what I do

Anelle Mendez

Bringing what’s new to tradition and always taking tradition to what is new; valuing the old as they embrace the new.

Jalisa Daisie

It makes me genuinely happy to see my residents spirits lifted when we are all together dancing, singing, doing art, and playing Bingo!

Madelane Sadia

The best part about what I do is seeing the residents and families smiles on their faces.

Yolanda Rivera

I love what I do because It’s emotionally fulfilling. Working with seniors has helped me realize that I love being part of a living, loving, learning community.

Linda Duncan

I love working at Amber Court, it’s my home away from home.

Angelica Rodriquez

The best part of what I do is making sure my residents are being taken care of very well also making sure they are healthy and strong.

Desmore Simpson

I love what I do because overseeing the facility’s operations delivers safety to all of our residents.

Troy Watson

The best part of what I do is seeing the faces of the residents when they eat.

Mary Turner

The best part of what I do is interacting with the residents!! They are all such special people.