Brooklyn - Amber Courtal - Page 3

Tony Scarlett

I love to see the residents clear their plates.

Khadija Joseph

The best thing about my job is to perform the clerical duties which includes organizing and maintaining the documents in the files.

Ashley Hamilton

I love my job because my co-workers are awesome and I love helping others.

Dione Kelly

Gladness and good health.

Patrick Powell

Lunide Gaspard

Latoya Giles-Jackman

I think the purpose of life is to happy and useful. In the healthcare profession you are definitely, given many instances to be helpful and happy. In this profession I’m given the opportunity on a daily basis to make a difference in someone’s life and that absolutely makes me love what I do.

Regina Vilsaint

I love what I do because I have the opportunity to positively impact lives.

Caroline Walcott

I am inspired by what I do because it benefits the lives of the residents.

Olga Gorelik

Past is the history, future is the mystery and today is called present only because it is a gift.