Assisted Living and Home Care FAQs

Listed below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we receive
in regards to our Assisted Living and Home Care.

What is an Assisted Living Residence?

An Assisted Living Residence is both a residential and social environment where when living at home is no longer safe or desired, it is an excellent option.

What services are provided at the Assisted Living Residence?

Amber Court is a setting that provides residential services such as 3    meals a day and 2 snacks, housekeeping, weekly laundry.  Congregate services such as 24-hour supervision, by staff trained in the special needs of seniors. Security measures like video monitoring, emergency call system and alarms are to be found throughout the building along with sprinklers and smoke detectors.

Physicians in primary care, and specialty services are provided on-site, along with nursing, physical., occupational and speech therapy, 24 hour on call service to the nurses and physicians provides, peace of mind.

Personal care assistance with ADL (Activities of Daily Care) services is provided.  Individuals can receive as much or as little care as needed. This allows an individual to feel independent, while receiving the level of care needed to maintain their personal best.

Medication management and supervision.

How can someone adjust to the Assisted Living setting?

Each individual that comes to live at Amber Court has a Case Manger who is dedicated to helping make life more manageable and accessible. The Case Manager, who is trained in providing assistance in any area of need for the resident, will work closely with the individual in resolving any issues.

All the staff, is well trained to help make life more comfortable and facilitate adjustment in the new surroundings.

What kind of Recreational and Social activities are provided?

We believe that no one is ever too old to learn something new!

There are recreational activities throughout the day.  You can expect to make new friends and have many types of interesting things to enjoy.

Most holidays are celebrated; live entertainment is a fun addition.

Current events are discussed daily; Exercise is an important part of the program every day.

Clubs, gardening, movies, singing, dancing, parties, bingo, card games, barbecues, special outings and trips, religious offerings and much more.

Smiles and laughter are part of every day life at Amber Court!

What types of accommodations are available?

In our New York locations we offer private and semi-private, furnished accommodations.

In THE ALCOVE at Westbury, Friendship suites, with separate bedrooms and a common kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave, is also available.

In our New Jersey location, one-bedroom and studio apartments are available.  Furniture is provided by the individual.

Cable and telephone services can be arranged.

All the accommodations are fitted with grab bars and emergency call systems for safety and security.

What is included as part of the monthly rent?
  • 3 healthy meals each day and 2 snacks
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Weekly personal laundry and as needed
  • Fresh linens and towels each week
  • Maintenance free living and garbage removal
  • Case Management and coordination of medical and nursing care
  • Medication management and supervision (NJ has a nominal fee for this service)
  • Light personal care assistance
  • Robust recreational programming with focus on physical fitness, learning, socializing, attitude enhancement, memory embellishments, cultural programs and live entertainment and promoting active daily living
  • Emergency response system in each room or apartment
  • 24 hour safety and security
  • Expertly trained management and staff
  • “Aging in place”
What is “Aging in place”?

When an environment adapts to meet the changing needs of an older individual including residential services, medical care supervision and personal care assistance, they are better able to stay in their familiar surroundings.

“Aging in place” allows appropriate care, comfort and continuity throughout those changes, allowing the individual to manage new challenges with grace, dignity and success.

It allows dedicated care at the same residence as each individual may become frailer.

It provides an individual with the ability to maintain friendships with peers and staff..

Amber Court offers the comfort of knowing, should funds become depleted, we will help arrange for one of our Medicaid-Funded programs.

“Aging in place” understands the natural condition called growing old.


What happens when more personal care assistance is needed?

When a person needs more personal care assistance the nurse conducts an assessment, along with a physicians’ evaluation, to determine what level of care is necessary.

The nurse or an Amber Court representative will discuss the costs associated with the changed level of care needed.  This is paid privately or if eligible, by Medicaid-Funded programs.

What are the financial arrangements required?

At Amber Court a monthly rent is required.  This includes all the services and amenities described previously.

Rent can be paid privately, through private funds such as Social Security, pension and savings or by long-term care insurance.

Medicare does not cover Assisted Living.  If an individual is eligible, the rent can be paid by entitlements, such as SSI and Medicaid can pay for the personal care services.

What are the protections available?

Amber Court is New York State Department of Health and New Jersey Department of Health Licensed Assisted Living Residences.  We are regulated and monitored on an on-going basis, by DOH, with on-site surveillance and continual “best practices” implementation.

In New Jersey, an Advanced Standing program, designed by the NJ Health Care Association and DOH was begun several years ago for those ALR’s demonstrating exceptional operational and clinical services. We have qualified for this special status for three consecutive years.

Amber Court holds an excellent reputation with both State agencies.  You can feel protected, safe and secure at a licensed and regulated Assisted Living Residence.

What are Medicaid-Funded programs?

At each of our Amber Court Residences, we have available a very affordable option, The Assisted Living Program (ALP), which is a NYS licensed, Medicaid-Funded Program.  For those who qualify, it is for the frail elderly individual who can no longer live safely at home, struggling with their ADL’s, but are too high functioning for a medical model skilled nursing home.  The ALP provides personal care services, room and board, housekeeping, medication management, supervision, case management and all the services available at our Assisted Living Residence.

Social Security or SSI entitlements, and community Medicaid pay for the ALP.  If your entitlements are in place, you can oftentimes move in as soon as there is availability.

Occasionally some individuals will exceed the level of care that can be provided in the ALP, i.e. chairfast, bedfast, which means they can no longer transfer with the help of one or two people.  We will help the family find a suitable nursing home.

Eligibility requirements for the affordable ALP, medically and financially can be discussed with an Amber Court Representative.

In New Jersey, they provide the NJ Licensed Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver.  Utilizing Social Security, SSI entitlements and Medicaid, similarly to NY, all the services available at the Assisted Living Residence are provided.

Can I use a walker or wheelchair in Assisted Living?

At Amber Court walkers are always permitted.  Wheelchairs can be utilized for outdoor excursions and indoors only when there are bedrooms on the main floor and there is availability of one of the rooms.  This is so evacuation in an emergency is possible.

For the safety of others, motorized wheelchairs are discouraged.

Do you accept individuals with memory impairment?

Yes, people with dementia, memory impairment and even Alzheimer’s can live comfortably in our environment.  After a complete assessment by the Nursing Supervisor and a Physician medical evaluation, we can determine if the individual can live safely within our setting.  Many do!

For those that need added security, we are proud to offer THE ALCOVE at Westbury.  This is a private, protective setting, utilizing the latest in research for cognitive impairment.  It is a relaxing atmosphere, designed to maximize ease and comfort.

What are the visiting hours?

We do not have visiting hours.  Guest are welcomed throughout the day. However, for the comfort of our residents we recommend 9am-9pm.

We ask that guests sign our Visitor Register, so that we always know who is in the building.  This allows for proper notice in case of an emergency.

How can I get a tour for one of your Residences?

Arranging a tour is easy.  Call the Community of your choice and ask for the Community Representative.  He/She will work with you to find a convenient time to view the Community.  Come with all the questions you may want to ask.  We are happy to answer every question.

Are pets allowed?

For the most part pets are not permitted at Amber Court.  However, speak with the Community Representative to discuss the circumstances.

Is a lease required for admission?

What is required in our setting is an Admission Agreement.  This details the amount your monthly rent, other costs associated with your care, and a disclosure of what can be expected within the payment of your rent (as outlined previously).

It also states that you can terminate the Admission Agreement whenever you desire.  It only requires a 30-day notice.

Can I bring my own furnishings to the room or apartment?

Yes. Some accommodations are smaller and some are larger.  You may bring whatever space will allow.

Is smoking permitted at the Assisted Living Residence?

Smoking is not permitted in the building.  However, each location provides an outdoor area where smokers can sit and smoke.  We also provide smoking cessation programs, for those who would like to quit.

How can I arrange for an admission to Amber Court?

The first step is to arrange for a tour.  During the tour we will discuss the individual needs of your loved one.

When it is determined that we can provide what is needed, and a move-in is scheduled, we will ask for a Physician’s medical evaluation.

Then our Nursing Supervisor will conduct a thorough nursing assessment to detail the actual plan of care.

The move-in coordinator will help you with all the details of the admission, making it as seamless as possible.

Can I offer ideas that would enhance the activities provided?

Yes! We welcome input from family members and loved ones.

Our Management staff, which includes the Administrator/Executive Director, Nursing Supervisor and Case Managers are available to discuss any ideas and recommendations you may have to offer.

Do you have a quality improvement process at Amber Court?

Yes, we are very proud of our on-going Quality Improvement Committees, which are comprised of the management in each individual community and the Governing Authority of our corporate entity.

We engage in a quarterly review of our policies and procedures, resident and personnel records and all operational and clinical activities.

We constantly strive for “best practices” in all areas of care and quality of life for our residents.