Assisted Living and Home Care in Brooklyn | Westbury | Pelham Gardens Bronx | Elizabeth NJ
Amber Court, Assisted Living, Brooklyn, Pelham Gardens, Bronx, Elizabeth, New Jersey, NJ, New York , NY, Westbury
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Our Newest Family Member:
Amber Court of Smithtown Assisted Living Community


Our Mission

Promote Well-Being, and Provide Quality Care With an Emphasis
on Individuality and Enjoyment in a Warm, Nurturing Environment.

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The Alcove

The Alcove at Amber Court of Westbury
State-of-the-Art Secure Memory Care


Amber Court has multiple Assisted Living Communities in NY and NJ. Our Assisted Living Communities are in different locations such as, assisted living in Westburyassisted living in Pelham Gardens Bronxassisted living in Brooklyn NY, and assisted living in Elizabeth NJ.

Since 1968, Amber Court has been one of New York and New Jersey’s most experienced providers of care for the frail elderly. In 2015 a new addition to our family, THE ALCOVE at our Amber Court of Westbury, joined our four Assisted Living Communities in Brooklyn, Pelham Gardens in the Bronx, Westbury and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

THE ALCOVE’s upper level is State of the Art memory care, provided in a secure and protective setting.  Learn More

In 2015, Amber Court at Home Certified Home Health Agency joined our families’ legacy of providing quality care in the New York area. Nassau and Suffolk. Now, Amber Court’s individualized approach to care can be brought right into your own home. Learn More

When living arrangements are no longer safe or desirable, we offer an extraordinary option for seniors. Residential services, personal care assistance, and medical supervision are valuable features of this lifestyle. Our experienced, devoted team of professionals provides nurturing support while appreciating each resident’s individuality. This custom tailored, responsive approach defines Amber Court Assisted Living Communities, where enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication are our hallmarks. The friendly ambiance of our close-knit community feels like a warm embrace. Add to that a stimulating recreational program and hotel-like setting, and the result is a vastly improved quality of life.

Making the most of each person, each day.

Amber Court’s Philosophy and Mission

Amber Court Assisted Living Communities epitomizes the steadfast commitment of Alfred and Judith Schonberger and their family.  Their vow to bring outstanding care to the elderly is rooted in a simple, heartfelt philosophy. They believe everyone deserves to age in a comfortable, safe, and cheerful environment where each person is treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

Our mission is to preserve dignity, promote well-being, and provide quality care with an emphasis on individuality and enjoyment in a warm, nurturing environment.  This means that residents of Amber Court Assisted Living Communities are enveloped in a family-like atmosphere within a culture of integrity and trust that honors each precious life.

Our Family Welcomes Yours

Owners and founders, Alfred and Judith Schonberger, lovingly manage Amber Court Assisted Living Communities. With characteristic devotion, they have brought unmatched quality care to seniors since 1968. Their shared vision is centered in a commitment to provide every resident with a highly personalized program. It is a comprehensive approach designed to meet medical, emotional, social, and psychological needs.

Second generation family members are at the helm of each Community to guarantee the continuation of these guiding principles. Their daily presence and participation typifies the management philosophy of the Schonbergers assuring that each resident is a cherished, honored and secure member of our Amber Court Community.

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We have Assisted Living Communities in Brooklyn, Westbury, Pelham Gardens BronxElizabeth NJ.

To  see where we offer Home Care, go to our Home Care page.